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Academy Guidelines

(Note:  All past Trop Rock Music Award Nominees will be Academy members when they renew their membership)  
 Note for those applying for Academy Membership: Only those artists and musicians who have been nominated in the first round of the Trop Rock Music Awards will be eligible for Academy Membership.  
If an artist becomes one of the top five vote getters in a category, that artist will be reviewed by the Artist Review Board for eligibility as an Academy Member.  Keep in mind, all artists and musicians can join as Associate members which entitles them to a vote in the nomination process.  In addition, an Artist should encourage his or her fans to become associate members so they can take part in the voting process.  The first round nominations begin this summer.


All  applying for Academy Membership will be reviewed using the following guidelines:



  • Does this original music fit the definition of Trop Rock as defined on our website?
  • Does this artist produce original Trop Rock music?  (does not have to be written by the artist, but it must be previously unreleased on a major record label )
  • Quality of Songwriting


  • What percentage of this artist's CD's is original Trop Rock music
  • Quality of production


  • Is Trop Rock mentioned on the website?
  • Does this artist promote himself as a Trop Rock artist?
  • Is music available for purchase on website? (CD and/or download)
  • Quality of website

Live Performance:

  • Does this artist perform live? 
  • How often, and what type of venues?
  • Does this artist perform PRIMARILY Trop Rock Music during their performances?
  • Does this artist perform their original Trop Rock music during live performances? 
  • Quality of performance (whenever possible)

Artist Review Board

Meet the Artist Review board:

 Tom Becker:                                                                                                       Tom is a singer/songwriter for too many years to mention. He is one half of the duo Latitude with his wife Michelle.  He lived 10 years in Nashville and wrote and recorded for various music publishers.  He and Michelle formed the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. which is now known as the Trop Rock Music Asssociation.  They currently reside in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

 Sheila Chimento:

Sheila was Finance Manager for Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in New Orleans for 15 years and participated on-air on the weekly New Orleans Happy Hour radio broadcast on Siris/XM's radio Margaritaville. Along with Brent Burns and Sunny Jim, she was a founder of the Six String Music Songwriter Festival, (featuring the original music of Trop Rock artists) held annually in the French Quarter. She hired/scheduled artists and helped execute the event for it's first 7 years. Sheila currently lives in New Orleans.

 Jerry Diaz:                                                                                                           Jerry has been involved with Trop Rock music since before we were calling it Trop Rock. He and his wife Mary are founders of ?Pardi Gras?, a Trop Rock Music event held in New Orleans.  He was also founder of the original Meeting of the Minds convention.  Jerry also fronts his own Trop Rock band, Hanna?s Reef.  He has written almost all of the bands songs and is well respected as a songwriter and event promoter. Jerry and his wife Mary live in Nederland, Texas.

Mark Friedman:                                                                                                     In 2000, Mark founded one of the first online Trop Rock Music outlets, ?Migration Music? and ?Migration Radio?.   When it was operating, Migration Music sold Cd?s from 40+ TropRock artists. Migration Radio broadcasted some live Trop Rock concerts as well as playing Trop Rock 24/7.   Mark also started the Tallahassee Parrot Head Club in 1995.   He is currently owner of Friedman Financial Advisors, Inc, a tax and Investment advisory firm.  He lives in Apalachicola, Florida with his wife Heather and daughter Ella.



David McBride:

Dave represents Trop Rock fans, as he has been a fan of this music before we called it Trop Rock.  Dave was a fan of Trop Rock before it was known as Trop Rock.  He started as a fan of Harry Bellefonte in the 50?s and years later, living in Texas and New Orleans, brought Country and Cajun elements into his mix of music appreciation.  For the last ten years his music attention has focused on the work of independent singer/songwriters who embrace Trop Rock.  He is always eager to help preserve and promote Trop Rock music and has been a welcome helping hand to many a Trop Rock artist. Last year he and his wife, Carolyn won the TRMA Fan of the year award.   Dave lives in Punta Gorda, Fl with his wife Carolyn