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"TROP ROCK SONGS STORIES and TALES: as told by the Singer/Songwriters"        by author, Andy Forsyth

The book,  "TROP ROCK SONGS STORIES and TALES: as told by the Singer/Songwriters" by author, Andy Forsyth is being offered at a special discount for a limited time only!!!

The book is 462 pages packed with stories, lyrics and full color pictures, and is 8x10, not your ordinary paperback. The stories in the book are the stories as told by the Singer/Songwriters.
These are their stories about what inspired them to write the songs. The lyrics to the songs are included with most of the stories. Many of the top Trop Rock musicians are in the book including Peter Mayer, Will Kimbrough, Scott Kirby, Kelly McGuire, Sunny Jim, Jim Morris, Michelle and Tom Becker, and Scott Nickerson the founder of Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.  Also lots of new Trop Rock artists and local and regional performers as well.
There are also lots of color pictures of the artists performing their songs or with their fans or other singer/songwriters in the book. Also included are pictures from many of the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. family reunions throughout the years. So you just may be in the book as well. You can read excerpts from the book and see some of the pictures on the website:
This is a limited edition as each copy of the book is serialized with its own unique number. There is also a contest to see who can get the most signatures of the 59 Singer/Songwriters and Actor/Executive TV Producer featured in the book. Whoever gets the most signatures of these 59 will win a free copy of the next book, their picture in the book and how they got all those signatures. You'll have until MOTM 2013 to get the signatures. That's two years of happy hunting. Details of the contest are also in the book.
Book only
$60+8.00(S/H)=$68.00   ($10 to charity) (savings of $12.95)
$67+8.00(S/H)=$75.00   ($10 to charity) (savings of $15.95)
CD only
$12+3.00(S/H)=$15.00   ($3  to charity) (savings of $3.00)
Charitable Donation:   TRMA Members Only -- Andy is donating our proceeds to Fostering Hope, with our contributions going directly to the purchase of musical instruments/lessons for children living in foster care. 
Who knows?  Maybe we will be encouraging a future Trop Rock artist!

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