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Trop Rock Music

  1. What is Trop Rock Music?

    Trop Rock Music is a mixture of rock-n-roll and country music, with an island theme, and lyrics depicting a laid-back lifestyle.

    Many consider Jimmy Buffett to be the "Pop of Trop Rock".

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Trop Rock Music Association

  1. Who Are We?

    In 2005, the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. (Musicians, Artists & Fans In Alliance) was formed to establish Trop Rock as a musical genre. Before the Margarita M.A.F.I.A., this music had no real name, it was called Jimmy Buffett music, American Caribbean, Texas Beach Music, you name it.

    In 7 short years, the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. Family, uniting artists under the "Trop Rock" moniker, took Trop Rock from a no-name musical style, to a genre that has over 100 artists, and a growing family of radio, venues, events and house concerts, and even an awards show -- all dedicated to preserving and promoting Trop Rock Music.

    On April 29, 2011, Rebecca Ross of the Pensacola News Journal, referred to Jimmy Buffett as the King of Trop Rock.  How many artists can honestly be credited with starting a musical genre?  And just as importantly, people OUTSIDE the Parrothead community have noticed that Trop Rock extends BEYOND Jimmy Buffett.

    We decided it was time to take things a step further.

    In January 2012, we changed our name from the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. to the Trop Rock Music Association, a suggestion that many of the artists felt would give the music more credibility AND make it easier for people to find us.

    In our hearts we're still the Margarita MAFIA, but our new name gives us the credibility to reach further into the music industry, performing rights societies and music publications, giving Trop Rock singer/songwriters more exposure and more possibilities than ever.

  2. What Do We Do?

    This is a "grass roots" approach. We do our part by assembling an amazing team of dedicated members, but we are only as strong as our members who tirelessly promote Trop Rock in their local communities.

    While our members are taking care of things on the local level, we are seeking ways to promote the music on a regional and national level.

    Producing the Trop Rock Music Awards is a year-long process.  So is maintaining the membership, discovering new artists and events, maintaining our website and producing a monthly newsletter.  We also send press releases to songwriter organizations, music publications, news and trade papers, and take every opportunity to bring "Trop Rock" to the movers and shakers of the music world.

    That's a LOT, considering ALL of this is done on a VOLUNTEER basis!

    We've got a great group of dedicated volunteers who make it look easy, and we simply couldn't exist without them. 

    We want this website to be a tremendous Trop Rock resource.  The Trop Rock world has grown tremendously since our inception.  And the reason it keeps growing is because of YOU!

  3. What is Our Goal?

    Our goal is to establish Trop Rock as a unique musical genre, and to keep it thriving for future generations.

  4. How Big IS This?

    With members in 48 states, Canada, England, Mexico, St. Thomas, Cayman Islands and Costa Rica (as of December 2010), we hope to use our numbers to influence radio, record labels and professional venues to recognize that this style of music has a large fan base, and should be receiving the same attention as Blues, Country, Bluegrass and other “niche” styles of music.

  5. Why Have an Association?

    The more people we have unified in the association, the more influence we have in keeping Trop Rock Music alive and prospering for our grandchildren to enjoy!

  6. How Do I Become a Member of the TRMA?

    There are two levels of membership:

    ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP -- Fans and professionals in the Trop Rock Industry.

    ACADEMY MEMBERSHIP -- Artists, Musicians and Songwriters who are past or present Trop Rock Music Award Nominees.

    As a member of either level, you will receive monthly newsletters, first line info on special events, member discounts, and the opportunity to vote in the Trop Rock Music Awards.

  7. Are There Any Major Label Recording Artist Members?

    Not yet, but by the way Trop Rock is growing, it is very possible that we may have Major Label Artists and/or Hitmaking Songwriters in the association in the future.

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Trop Rock Music Awards

  1. What are the Trop Rock Music Awards?

    The Trop Rock Music Awards began in 2007, as a way to honor the hard work, promotion, preservation and ongoing influence of the Trop Rock industry. 

    The purpose of the Trop Rock Music Awards is to increase awareness of those OUTSIDE the Trop Rock community. 

    This show gives us the opportunity to promote our music to songwriter organizations and other professional organizations, and to increase our credibility and presence in the music community.

    AND....if you're a Trop Rock fan, you know that none us do this for recognition, but it sure is nice to know that all of your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

  2. Who Decides Who Gets the Awards?

    The awards are voted on by the Trop Rock Music Association members.  The membership is made up of Industry Professionals and fans from 48 states, Europe and the Caribbean.


  3. Why was my favorite Artist, DJ, Venue not nominated? He's one of the biggest in the industry!

    There could be several reasons for this scenario. 

    First of all,

    • Are they a member of the association?
    • Are they promoting the association to their fans/patrons/listeners? 
    • Are they telling them to vote for them? 
    • Are they telling them that they can join the association and voice their opinions? 

     It is up to the individuals to promote themselves and the industry if they want to be recognized by the association. 

    Second, are they asking their peers to nominate them?  Since there are over 100 industry professionals, (and they are not all eligible in the same categories), they need to be asking other industry professionals to nominate them. 

    The TRMA does not pick or has ever picked any of the nominees for the ballots. 

    They are all nominated by the Members, the Top 5 vote-getters in each category become this year's Nominees, and winners are selected by Final Ballot, voted on by the Entire TRMA Membership.

  4. Why Aren't Cover Bands Eligible for Awards?

    While there are many fantastic cover bands and Jimmy Buffett tribute bands out there, the purpose of the Trop Rock Music Awards is to recognize pioneering achievement in the Trop Rock genre.

    This is not in any way meant to diminish the talented (and very popular) groups that are performing only cover songs.  

    But, in order to exist as a genre, we need to encourage and recognize the creation of NEW, previously unreleased music and the artists who are creating it.  

    We encourage anyone performing Trop Rock music to write their own music or find a songwriter to collaborate with! 

  5. I've Noticed That Some Categories Have Had the Same Winners for Several Years. Why is This?

    Could be several reasons.

    Some categories simply have fewer possible nominees, which increases the odds for the same person to win several years in a row.

    Some nominees simply promote it more than anybody else.

    Some nominees simply have a larger listenership, fanbase, or been around longer and more people know them.

    Trop Rock is a growing musical genre, and each year there are more people eligible in each category, so it won't be long until a whole new crop makes their presence known!

  6. How Close was Last Year's Voting?

    Five Categories were decided by less than 10 votes.

    Three categories were decided by less than 20 votes.

    If you don't get involved, you can't make a difference!

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