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2017 Academy Membership - Bands


Academy Membership is limited to Past and Present Artist, Musician, Songwriter Nominees Only.

Academy Membership is granted once an Artist, Musician or Songwriter has been successfully nominated as one of the top five vote-getters in the Trop Rock Music Awards.

 ALL RENEWALS WILL BE REVIEWED FOR CHANGE IN STATUS BASED ON THE ARTIST GUIDELINES. If we need any additional information, we will contact you.



OPTION 1:  BAND LEADER may register a Band through ONE Individual Academy Membership ($25). 

An Individual Membership will register your band and give you ONE vote. To register your band with ONE Individual Membership, go to the Individual Academy Membership Tab.

OPTION 2:   BAND LEADER may  register  all  band members with a band discount for 4 or more members. ($85) With this option, EVERY band member gets a vote, not just the leader!

This purchase includes ONE Coozie and bumper stickers  for each additional member.

Academy membership includes monthly newsletters, member discounts, Nominating in the "Academy" categories and Voting privileges in the Trop Rock Music Awards.

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