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The Trop Rock Music Awards was established in 2007 to formally recognize the hard work, promotion and preservation of Trop Rock Music by the artists, songwriters, radio, events and live music venues through whom the genre continues to evolve.  Over the years, the program has grown to include 18 categories.  You must be a member of the Trop Rock Music Association to vote in the Trop Rock Music Awards.  

9th Annual Trop Rock Music AwardsTM
Friday, November 4th, 2016
Casa Marina Resort, Key West
Hosted by PHiP during "Meeting of the Minds"


Radio Station- Mid size: Radio A1A

Radio Station- Small Market: Songwriters Island Radio

Radio Show-“Pirates & Poets Podcast” – Jon Burns & “Damn It” Earl Sanders

House Concert Venue: The Yard Tampa Fl /Mark & Sharon Leverett

Live Music Venue: Smokin’ Tuna – Key West Florida, FL

Event: Music on the Bay – Tampa Bay, Fl

Musician: John Patti

Horizon: Donny Brewer

Duo/Trio: The Detentions

Band: Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band

Female Vocalist:  Brittany Kingery 

Male Vocalist: Donny Brewer       

Album: "Rum Shoes", James “Sunny Jim” White

Song: "Palapa Joe”, Donny Brewer

Fan of The Year: Debbie Hess

The “I CAN” Award: Thom Shepherd 

Lifetime Achievement Award: Jim Morris     

Songwriter of the Year: Jim Morris       

Entertainer: Bob Karwin

The 2016 Nominees

Male Vocalist

Donny Brewer

Howard Livingston

Kelly McGuire

Rob Mehl

James “Sunny Jim” White

Female Vocalist

Michelle Becker of Latitude

Sheree Cade

Dani Hoy

Brittany Kingery

Heather Vidal of Tropical Soul


The Detentions ( Chris Hillier, Dan Sullivan)

Conch Fritters


Tropical Soul


Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef

Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24

Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band

Southern Drawl Band

Trop Rock Junkies


Donny Brewer

Bob Karwin

Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24

The Southern Drawl Band

James “Sunny Jim” White

Album / CD

Donny Brewer – Zimbala

Dennis Davis – Last Song of the Summer

John Friday – Still in Mexico

Howard Livingston & MM24 -- Sell Yourself, Keep Your Dog, Live on an Island

James (Sunny Jim) White -- Rum Shoes


Donny Brewer -- Palapa Joe

John Friday -- Still in Mexico

Howard Livingston & MM24 -- Sell Yourself, Keep Your Dog, Live on an Island

Tropical Soul -- Right Down Caroline

James (Sunny Jim) White -- Rum Shoes


Donny Brewer

Sheree Cade

Bill Cockrell

The Detentions

Steve Hopper


Dusty Barber (Lead Guitar) / Conch Fritters

JD Edge (Fiddle) / Southern Drawl Band

Mark Mireles (Steel Pans) / Jerry Diaz & Hanna?s Reef

Jimi Pappas ( Drums, Guitar) / Jim Morris  & The Big Bamboo Band

John Patti (Steel Pans & Percussion) / Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band

Radio Station- Midsize

Radio A1A -- Internet

Tiki Beach Radio -- Internet

Beachfront Radio

Radio Station -- Small

Big Burrito Radio - Internet

Songwriters Island Radio - Internet

Radio Show

Big Burrito Radio -- Mad Marty/ Dan Mueller (WLRA -- Romeoville, IL / Syndication)

Island Time Radio Show -- DK the DJ (WBWC -- Cleveland, OH / Syndication)

Key West Music Show -- Dani Hoy/ Chris Rehm -- Radio A1A

Pirates & Poets -- Jon Boy/ Damn It Earl -- Padcast

Weekdays with Lyle -- Lyle Wilson / Radio A1A

Live Music Venue

Hurricane Charley's -- Punta Gorda, FL

Nav-a-Gator -- Lake Suzy, FL

Smokin' Tuna  -- Key West, FL

T-Bone Tom's -- Kemah, TX

Tropical Isle/Top of the Trop -- New Orleans, LA

House Concert Venue

Eric & Gina Babin / Big Beach Trop Rock Series -- Gulf Shores, AL

Kevin & Tish Disston / Casa Tortooga -- San Diego, CA

Mark & Sharon Leverett / The Yard -- Tampa, FL

Ken & Heather Settlemyer / The Habitat -- Bradenton, FL

Dan & Sharon Mueller / Port of Indecision -- Mazon, IL


Laid Back Attack -- Olympia, WA

Meet Me In The Keys -- Key West, FL

Music on the Bay -- Tampa Bay, FL

Pardi Gras -- New Orleans, LA

Parrot Grande -- Phoenix, AZ


 Jim Morris

Fan of the Year

Debbie Hess

"I Can" Award (Community Service Award)

Thom Sheperd


How Are Nominees Selected?

The Nominees and Winners of the Trop Rock Music Awards are selected by our members in a voting process that is limited to TRMA members ONLY.

If you're a fan of Trop Rock, and you're not a member,you SHOULD be!

If you would like to join or renew your membership, click here

Voting Process: 

The voting process starts with a "Nomination Ballot" which is sent to all members in June.

Prior to the "Nomination Ballot", we reach out to the artists in our database and Trop Rock DJ's to determine which artists have released eligible music in the previous year.  Once verified, this music is listed in the Song/Album Categories on the "Nomination Ballot".

In all other categories, members "write in" their nomination.

Any artist is eligible for first round nomination without having to be a member of the TRMA.

Once the Nomination ballots have closed and votes have been counted, the top 5 vote-getters in each category must be reviewed and approved by the board based on the guidelines listed on the Academy Guidelines page.

The TRMA Artist Review Board will determine if an Artist Nominee meets the artist membership requirements. Any Artist Nominee who is approved by the board and is not a member of the Trop Rock Music Association must become a TRMA member in order to go to on to the Final Ballot. They will be notified upon board approval, and will then have 15 days to join the TRMA. If the nominated artist declines to join the association, the nomination will go to the next highest qualifying vote-getter.

All previous Trop Rock Music Award winners are automatically eligible for nomination if their TRMA membership is current. If not, they will receive the same notification to renew their membership.

A "Final Ballot" with the top 5 vote-getters in each category is sent to all members in August.  The results are presented at the Trop Rock Music Awards and will be made available on this website after the Awards Show.

Academy Members Vote For Songwriter of the Year

We have made some tweaks to the voting procedure at the request of the artist members.  We are not ELIMINATING a voting round for our members, we are ADDING one.

Because Trop Rock has grown so much and so quickly over the past few years, each year there are more artists, CD's and songs that are eligible for awards.

The artists felt that allowing the Academy members to select the nominees in SOME (not all) of the categories would be more meaningful since they would be nominated by their peers. 

Also, many artists were concerned that the voting was being taken over by several artists' "fan clubs", and that by giving the artists the ability to nominate in some of the categories, it would be a better representation of the talent we have in Trop Rock.  This is what I'm summing up from the comments we received.

Because we are "all about the music", we have to consider the requests of the artists, since without them, we don't have Trop Rock, let alone an awards show.
But, we also have to consider the requests of the fans who make it possible for the artists to have a career in the first place.

After much thought (and pouring over all of the comments), we decided to create a ballot system that accommodates both.

The Academy will nominate in some categories, the entire membership will nominate in others.  Then, everyone will vote in the final ballot.

This will make it a combination of Professional (like the Grammy's, CMA's) and People's Choice Awards.

This way, the artists will have the opportunity to be recognized by their peers and the fans will be able to have their voices heard as well.

We consider everyone's feedback and try to implement as many suggestions as we can.
We encourage you to offer some suggestions on how we can do more for our artists, and for all of our members.